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Welcome to Moondog Dive Outfitters

Welcome to the Moondog Dive Outfitters website. We are a full service dive support company for the yachting community based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We offer a full line of dive compressor systems from Nitrox Solutions and Bauer Compressors, all the major scuba manufactures, hyperbaric chambers and free diving equipment. Training, of all of our products are supported through accredited manufacture representatives or internationally recognized training agencies. Installation of custom dive lockers and compressors systems are our speciality. We have an install and service team with over Sixty years in the industry.

We offer products, service and training from all the major manufactures and training agencies in the dive industry. We have established strategic relationships with the folks we feel are the leaders in the dive industry, to provide our clients the best possible product and service available.

Yacht based dive programs are unique in the sense  that they are independent programs that often need to be self sustaining when doing dive operations. Whether weekend trips to the Bahamas, full charter programs or technical dive expeditions to remote locations, we can provide our clients with the best support and products available in the market today.

Working with Andre and his team at A&R Marine has allowed us to tap into his amazing abilities to create Custom Cabinetry and Fabrication products for our customer base. Andre helps us design and build Dive lockers, engineering furniture and a vast variety of components for our clients. Please browse the project and fabrication pages to see some of Andre’s past projects and see for yourself the amazing detail and craftsmanship that go into each piece created by A&R Marine.

We have developed relationships with many retailers and system specific service centers to allow us to provide our clients with the best service, price and support possible. Several of our relationships are with competitors who agree with our hands on approach and support us to market the equipment they represent. That makes us feel pretty good about what we’ve been doing over the last nine years.

We have the ability to offer multiple Scuba manufacturers we feel best meet our clients need when requested. Or we can provide you with the  specific gear you feel will fit your program. Either way we will be their to support the vessel in any way we can through out the life span of the gear and endeavors of the program.

Feel free to call us anytime or email us with any questions you may have. We dive what we sell and sell what we dive.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Greg MooneyGreg Mooney
Moondog Dive Outfitters

Greg is the owner of Moondog Dive Outfitters. He has spent over 35 years in the yachting and dive communities. The last 18 years have been spent as a high pressure life support technician, designer, and installer. With his vast experience he has managed HP installs on some of the largest dive programs in the yachting industry.

Greg’s expertise has carried over to Scuba equipment, rebreathers, oxygen production systems, Nitrox compressor systems, submersibles, and ROV’s, just to name a few. Greg is also an instructor in both recreational and technical diving levels.

Working with Andre at A&R Marine over the past few years, Greg has been blown away with the quality and variations of Marine furniture and Dive gear storage options Andre could come up with for his clients.

Greg has found himself also spending time working in the film industry both working on documentaries and commercials around the world. Greg had the opportunity to work with the Team at OPS on the film, “The Cove” for over 5 years. In addition, Greg has spent several years working with Discovery Channel on commercial promotions for “Shark Week”.

Bob-Olsen“Nitrox Bob” Olson
Nitrox Solutions

Bob Olson, President OF Nitrox Solutions has over 25 years’ experience building custom compressor and mixed Gas systems for Industrial gas applications, Diving systems, and Fire Fighting fill systems.

In 1996 Bob introduced the first of his Nitrox systems to the diving industry and set the standard for membrane systems for the future. He was the first to promote a Low Pressure feed air system and rotary screw compressor for Nitrox production. This is now the industry standard.

Bob Continues to be an innovator and designer of state of the art components and systems. His water cooled, High pressure Nitrox compressor is currently the only proven example in the market today.

Bauer Compressor recognizes the major safety advantages to Nitrox Solutions water cooled system when compressing Nitrox. Bauer will not endorse the use of Nitrox in their blocks unless it is water cooled.

Nitrox Bob has installed over 250 Nitrox Systems worldwide to date. Sorry, we don’t count the air systems!

Andrew-DriverAndrew Driver
Blue Foot Diving

Andrew is Moondog Dive Outfitters expert technician, Instructor and asset in Hyperbaric, rebreathers and all aspects of technical diving and training. He has now worked as a Dive instructor, Dive Boat Captain, Expedition leader, and Hyperbaric Instructor for more than 20 years.

His current rating is Instructor Trainer to Expedition Trimix Closed Circuit Rebreather Level. Andrew practices what he preaches and has since 1987, his first experience with rebreathers. He has been almost exclusively a Closed Circuit Diver since 1995.

Andrew’s Company Blue Foot Diving continues to support sales, training and operations with Rebreathers, Hyperbaric’s and Expedition services for Moondog Dive Outfitters. We consider Mr. Driver to be a world class diver and the best we could ever hope to support Moondog Dive Outfitters.

A&R Marine Fabrication and Engineering

Andre is the owner of A&R Marine. He has over 20 years experience in marine engineering and metal fabrication. Fabrication has always come naturally to Andre, as he grew up around his father’s steel construction business in South Africa.

In 2004, Andre started A&R Marine with his wife Robin. He has been successful in a very crowded field because of his meticulous attention to detail, on every piece of a project. Andre has a great ability to be able to envision designs and solutions and to meet the expectations of our clients.

About 10 years ago he started diving with the help of a captain he worked for. Not long after this, he met Greg at Moondog Dive Outfitters and from there moved on to engineering dive furniture, dive lockers and galleys, … just to name a few.