Which Compressor System would be the best fit for our Vessel?


What questions we will ask our clients:

  • Type of gas production:

    Any or a combination of these gases can be produced.

    1. AIR: For air diving, the pressure support gas for the recompression chamber, and the gas used for partial pressure blending DECO gases with Oxygen.
    2. NITROX: For Nitrox diving, to increase bottom times, repetitive dive times and to reduce the chance of Decompression related injuries.
    3. Oxygen: For partial pressure mixing of DECO gases, medical applications, submersible gas fills and for support of recompression chambers
  • Number of divers per day:

    The number of projected divers during dive operations per day, will assist us in calculating what size gas production systems we will quote. It will also let us calculate the amount and type of gas storage that might be required to meet the requirements of the vessels dive operations.

  • Type of dive equipment:

    The conclusion to use solely open circuit ”SCUBA”, or more technical equipment, such as Rebreathers, will allow us to suggest the proper production systems and assist us in accurately quoting the fill panel and remote fill stations. If thoughts of moving to more advanced diving systems are a future option, that information will allow us to develop a system that is upgradable. Several of the systems we construct are able to be upgraded if storage is required or the addition of Nitrox is expected in the future.

  • General power requirements:

    This will allow are technicians to source the proper equipment for the system. The faster we get the proper power requirements, the faster we can source the best components for the vessels dive systems.

  • Classification requirements:

    While all of our systems are built to Lloyd’s compliance, often MCA and other CA’s require comprehensive support material for service and the production of gas systems that are not standard with our units. Knowing all of the vessels CA’s as early as possible will help us construct the operations manual and support material to their standards and make the installations seamless.

  • Fabrication considerations: What will fit and how?

    Once we know the system that fits your dive requirements, we can help you decide on the layout of the equipment and any custom fabrication that may be requested. We offer a full line of storage and shelf systems for out units and equipment.