stand-alone-wc-nitrox-2Moondog dive outfitters offers the full line of Nitrox Solutions Nitrox production systems. Whether integrating into an existing air filling system on or building a gas production system into a new build, MDDO can find the right system to meet your requirements. We offer open framed, cabinet, and independent component Nitrox system configurations. All of out Nitrox systems are built to Lloyd’s compliance and built with the marine environment in mind. (We build each unit to our clients requests, keeping in mind service ability, safety , and compartment fit.)

Nitrox solutions uses only Bauer hign and low pressure compressors to ease serviceability and provide our clients with superb reliability. All parts for our compressors are available world wide.

We advise all of our customers to consider water cooling the High Pressure compressors when adding a Nitrox system to their dive programs. This helps reduce the heat development in both the compressor system and the compartment. Thus, providing a much safer production system then the standard air cooled variations of Nitrox systems on the market today