The Client’s Request - (read more)

To build a dive locker in an existing space to show off the lazarette when in port and serve as an owner’s beach area when on site. A clean look was requested with lighted storage to show off the equipment. Wet equipment storage was desired, as well as a shower/head in the area.

What Was Involved - (read more)

A list of equipment was required to space out the proper cabinet measurements. Andre needed to cover several areas of components for the gangway, yet still allow for serviceability of the equipment. Access to the forward section of the lazarette where machinery was located needed to be added but not made visible in the space. The addition of a dive fill station for the compressor system and bank bottles was required in the upper cabinets as well. All cabinets containing BCD’s, PFD’s and wetsuits needed to have drip trays and drains for wet gear storage after dive operations.

The Team - (read more)

A&R Marine and Moondog Dive Outfitters